About Living in Place

Creating an environment to live independently at home

Living in Place Solutions: Expertise and experience to age-adjust your home so you can live safely and comfortably

With more than 77% of adults over the age of 50 determined to stay living at home as they age, boomer entrepreneurs Marian Berman and Michael Stack, are much more than authorities on life after 50. They have the expertise and experience to age-adjust your home so you can live safely and comfortably in the home you love.

Marian Berman, Cofounder

Marian discovered her passion for helping people age in place through personal experience and near tragedy. As owner of Gallery 44, a successful and acclaimed art gallery in Howard County Maryland, Marian enjoyed a wonderful life until 2012 when she contracted pneumonia and sepsis. Within four days, she went from a workaholic businesswoman into a medically induced coma.

After coming out of the coma 4 weeks later, Marian spent the next 3 ½ months in the hospital recovering. Finally released from the hospital she couldn’t wait to get home and back to her normal life. What happened next changed the trajectory of her career path. No one had thought to inspect her home to make sure it was livable for someone in Marian’s current condition. She couldn’t even get up the stairs to enter her home.

Undaunted, Marian put her business experience and contacts in the health services and home remodeling industries to work for her and refitted the house for her needs as she continued to recover.

In 2014, she became a home remodeling facilitator and began working with long-time friend and home remodeler Michael Stack to retrofit homes for the aging and physically handicapped. She received her Aging In Place Certification in 2020, Age Safe America Certification in 2021 and her Living In Place Certification in 2021. As of 2021 she’s designated as a Age Safe America Specialist. She founded Living In Place Solutions with Michael Stack in 2021 to make homes safe for people of all ages and abilities.

Marian was born in Baltimore, Maryland and received a BA degree in English from Agnes Scott College.

Michael Stack, Cofounder

Michael grew up in Columbia, Maryland where he graduated and played basketball for Wilde Lake High School. After attending college for a short time, he quickly discovered that his real passion was home remodeling and building.

During a long career in the building industry, Michael worked as a project manager, supervising both large commercial and residential projects. Determined to be his own boss and to work closer with his clients, he started his own remodeling company, Stack Renovations.

At Stack, he often teamed up with his friend, Marian Berman, to assess and safety-proof homes for seniors determined to age in place in their current homes. What started out as a side gig for Michael and Marian quickly became the focus of their business as the boomer generation aged. Michael received his Aging In Place Certification in 2020 and co-founded Living In Place Solutions in 2021.