What's included in each of our Solution Packages

Age In Place Solution Packages

We craft personalized solutions for each and every situation. Our solution packages and process are adaptable to the level of assistance that you need. We have four different packages to choose from:

Package One

Full Assessment & Results

Our assessment evaluates everything regarding safety and accessibility concerns within your home. After summarizing the results of the assessment, we provide you with recommendations to create a living environment to age in place safely and without worry.

Package Two

Assessment & Design Planning

For those that need a little more assistance with restructuring your home to be safe, we can create detailed plans and designs with the information from the assessment. Additionally, we provide a blueprint that has specific measurements from your home and what you need so a contractor can use them.

Package Three

Assessment, Design Planning, & Project Management

Our personal favorite is to use the assessment and design to assist you during the renovation. This typically relieves the stress that comes with the overwhelming number of decisions to make. It also helps ensure that the contractor doesn’t overlook necessary adjustments and yields the best results.

Package Four

Concierge Services

We offer a variety of concierge services. Managing caregivers, construction, or in-home nurses can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t live nearby. We will step in and act in your absence as we understand the specific needs for independent living and make sure to provide extra assistance when it’s needed.

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